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Close up of hand on a piano keyboard



"Without discipline,

there can be no freedom."

– Nadia Boulanger

About Music Theory

How do we know what we are playing? How do we hear what we are playing? Understanding the theory 'grammar' of the music we play will greatly enhance our musical experience. 

What I offer

  • Individualized ‘theory’ lessons:  these lessons are designed to improve students' reading and cognition of music. When we know how to name a chord or identify a passage of harmony that we are playing, we have greater knowledge and control of what we are playing.

  • Advanced theory lessons: this level includes score reading, playing cadences and sequences; four-part chorale reading, keyboard harmony, and counterpoint.

  • Basic Theory Lessons: this includes interval identification/writing; major scale construction; triads; minor scale construction; inversion of triads; diatonic harmony, and roman numerals; cadences; reading; and seventh chords.

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