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The journey of learning and discovery is endless!

Thank you for taking an interest in piano lessons with me

About the lessons

I work with students of all levels, ages, and abilities. My students range from complete beginners (of all ages), to young aspiring professional musicians, and to adults who wish to return to the piano. 

Studying piano gives the opportunity to develop a discipline and to learn how to listen in a variety of ways. One learns to develop physical coordination, and also to read and interpret a language. As players we also get the opportunity to make art.

Encourage musical expression

Students also learn how to play expressively and develop tone at the instrument. How do we hear what’s really on the page? What are we trying to express when we play a piece? We learn styles from different eras, and realize that expression in music is infinite.

Performing in front of an audience

It is important for students to perform for an audience and share their music. I host two student recitals a year and find other opportunities for students to perform and compete.

Center City Philadelphia lessons rates:

1 Hour Lesson: $95
Half an hour: $55

Please complete the form below and I will contact you with more information about your lesson 

Thanks for contacting me!

I'm looking forward to our journey together to piano playing and composition!

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